Adventure Caving

Millions of years of torrential downpours in this highest rainfall area in the world has carved out beautiful and enchanting mazes of caves in the limestone rocks of this area. The stalactite, stalagmite and flowstone formations inside these caves are spectacular and transports one to another world. Cavers from Britain, Germany, America, Australia and New Zealand find these caves perfect for Adventure Caving.

Come and enjoy the thrill of caving in our caves. Krem Mawmluh is about 7 km long. It is 12 km from the Resort.

This cave has got many impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Krem Umshyrpi in Mawlong about 14 km from the Resort involves a vertical descent into a large pit at the start and some climbing down rope ladders inside the cave.

The fairy passage at the lowest level in this cave system is really fascinating. There are still passages in this cave that are yet to be checked out.

Krem Umjasew in Mustoh village starts off as a small hole in a stream bed. As you lower yourself into the cave passage underneath, you find that you are inside a very large passage going down in a sharp incline. This is stated to be the third deepest cave system discovered in India. This cave involves some tricky descents and daring caving. Recommended for expert cavers.

Krem Umsong is about a km long. The beginning involves a vertical shaft about 40 feet deep. After getting past a squeeze you have larger passages and some belly crawling sections to do. Krem Shella is a resurgence cave. Krem Wahlong has beautiful formations inside. Krem Laiseng has a short cave less than a km long with numerous stalactites covered in a coating of mud.