There are many angling spots in the river flowing at the bottom of the valley. These spots are reached on foot going down hill 2000 to 3000 feet. Some other places are accessible by road – Umiam river near Shella, a river near Tyllap, and Wahrew near Tharia, Elaka Ladsohbar . The scenic beauty of these spots add to the thrill of angling. The places closer to the plains can be very warm in the months of September and early October and have mosquitoes. I am not able to identify the fishes available in these rivers. Perhaps, some enthusiastic anglers can help us to list the species available here. The best time for angling in these areas is from September to December. One can enjoy the thrill of angling even till March or during the monsoon months in some spots.

Many people of the State are passionate about angling. We can get very good quality fishing rods of international brands in the State. Many use the bamboo fishing rods. I attended the funeral of an elderly lady in Shnongpdeng in August 2021. There in Darrang and Shnongpdeng villages which are alongside River Umngot, known for its clear transparent waters in winter, everyone, both men and women, children and adults are well versed in angling in the river. One can see many single elderly women besides men, sitting alone on boats and angling in the river. After placing the casket in the pit, I noticed one of the family members lowered a fishing rod into the pit and left it there. It is the custom here to bury the personal belongings and anything of their passion along with them, so that they may use it in their after life.

In the winter months, we see these days many fishing competitions organized by Fish Pond owners offering prices running into lakhs  of Rupees for the largest catch. Many people pay sizeable entry fee to take part in the competitions.