Martin Kramolis & Michaela NovàKovà

“Despite of my previous entry on departure, when we saw beautiful scenery on the way to Cherrapunjee we realized that we can’t leave this nice area before completion of one or more serious trek. So we came back for two nights more and enjoyed a whole day trek. We went down the valley directly from the Resort and reached a very picturesque river. Then we followed the river downstream, did lot of jumps from stone to stone and also some swimming with our backpacks tied on our heads. We also did some easier climbing. We have seen not only fishes, birds, frogs and spiders, but also one couple of nice leopards. At the end of the day, we found very steep trek to the village on the top of the mountain. We happily completed this adventurous trip with headlights. All adventurous souls, please contact Mr. Denis for details. It’s definitely worth to go there. It was the best place in the first travel of India – It was excellent! Thanks for kind hospitality, Mr. Denis and his family.”