Mihir Joshi :: 11 Dec 2022

Very pleasant hotel. Staff is very humble & helpful. Food is great. Rooms are neat and clean. Hot water was always present. To summarise had a very nice & memorable stay. One Advise to increase wifi only near reception area. Don’t give it in room. But keep a strong wifi near reception are for emergency work. Mihir Joshi, Thane (W), Maharashtra.

Response from owner: Thanks for your advise regarding where to provide wifi. We have recently got Airtel Internet Lease Line to provide dependable Internet connectivity and have provided strong internet connectivity in the Rooms from 12th Dec 2022. We find many Guests these days find it inevitable to remain connected to their work thru internet. Many of our guests have been asking us, if internet connectivity is available for their work purposes before booking accommodation. With remote working becoming the norm, we find it imperative to provide wifi connectivity in the Rooms too so that the work of the guests is not hampered during their holidays too.