Dipankar Paul & Pinki Baidya, Guwahati :: 28 Dec 2020

Nice place. Amazing landscapes. Resort is well maintained; Rooms are spacious and very clean. During our stay of last three days, we could find that the owner of the resort Mr.Rayen and his daughter trying very hard to make every visitor give a home feeling. Very soft spoken and well behaved. We admit that there were gaps in service during our stay but also accept that the owner is trying to give local employment for a sustainable development of the place and people, which is a commendable job. Food was good. Staffs were not thaat professional but very supportive. Only one big concern for this resort is the approach road. It is in real bad shape. But at the day end we were happy after seeing a smiling welcome everytime.

May Lord RAMA  keep you all happy, healthy and prospering everyday.

One final word – Mr.Rayen, you are a marketing guru, many will love to learn the art from you. I salute your hardwork and dedication. Thanks a lot. Taking lots of good memories and learning from you and the resort.

Note from the owner: We are seized of the situation. We as a body of Headmen / Sordars (Leaders and Village Authority) including self had met the Dy.Chief Minister and PWD Minister and had pressed for the immediate relaying of the 7 km stretch from Mawmluh to Mawshamok on 15th January 2020. He agreed to get the work done immediately. The Lock down due to the Coronovirus Pandemic diverted the attention of everyone. On the 15th December 2020 a Delegation of Village Heads met the Secretary, Public Works Department, Government of Meghalaya and forcefully reiterated the urgent need to relay the Seven Km stretch that is in a very bad shape. We followed up this representation with Volunteer Service by over 60 people, one JCB Earthmover, one Dumper truck and over half a dozen Bolero pick up vehicles and spread ten loads of soil per vehicle that took part in the community response initiative to smoothen the badly damaged road surface. Subsequently, Public Works Department, Government of Meghalya has communicated that they will take up the relaying of the seven km bad stretch of road by January 2021.  The matter has been brought to the attention of the Tourism Commissioner and Tourism Director. Work on relaying the road for the last 3 km of the approach road to the Resort is in full swing and is expected to be completed in January / February 2021. We are sorry for the poor condition of the road and hope this issue will be resolved over the next few months.

It is possible to drive to the Resort via Mawsmai village, Thangkharang Park, Laittyra, Ladsohbar, Wahlong, Umwai, Mawlong, Mawshamok by good road. This circuitous route adds another 15 km to the travel, is scenic and takes about one hour fifteen minutes from the Petrol Pump / Police Station at Cherrapunjee. About 95% of this route has been fully mettalled and black topping of the surface is expected to begin in January 2021. We hope both the approaches to the Resort will be fully laid and black topped before the onset of the Monsoon season.