The hilly region of Cherrapunjee is world famous for its mighty rainfall which is received in eight months of the year (Mar-Oct). It is a beautiful land where waterfalls abound in monsoon (May to October), the clouds sweep over the hills, float through the valleys and come down to take a stroll with man. The hills are lush green- a feast to the eyes of a Nature lover.

At Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort, we have developed a number of enchanting Nature Treks in this amazing terrain, including treks to the Living Root Bridges, which are exclusive to Meghalaya in the whole world. In the monsoon season, one can do the treks to the Living Root Bridges, can take baths in waterfalls, mountain streams and cool springs.  In the winter season which is the dry season here (Nov-Feb), one can do many, many more treks deep through the jungles down to the river valleys and through limestone karst areas around here and go for swims in Natural Swimming Pools that are rock pools in the river bed down in the valley, do River Canyoning, Adventure Caving and can chat and toast around Campfires in the evenings. 

We also help you out with sightseeing tours around Cherrapunjee.