Things to Do

Those with a few days on hand, besides visiting the Viewpoints can experience and enjoy the exotic weather of Cherrapunjee, walk and trek around this dramatic terrain through rain forests, admire the bio-engineering feats that are our Living Root Bridges, bathe in its waterfalls, streams, and rivers, do River Canyoning and Adventure Caving. Meditate and do Yogasanas sitting on a hilltop taking in the beauty of a scenic forested valley streaked by waterfalls  and patronised by leisurely floating clouds and the vast Sylhet plains of Bangladesh and enjoy captivating sunsets.

Enjoy a relaxed holiday with family and children in the lap of Nature. Interact with the people of the place and get to understand and appreciate their way of life. Walk or cycle through hilltop villages. Photograph yourselves in traditional dress. Toast and enjoy the camaraderie around a bonfire and dance to the beat of our local music band.