Popular Places of Tourist Interest in and around Cherrapunjee

The Most Popular Places of Tourist Interest that one can see in and around Cherrapunjee are listed below. It will not be possible to cover all of them in one day. Many of these places are located in the villages surrounding Cherrapunjee town. Some of them are meant to be full day trek and sight seeing tour in their own right. We recommend that you have a few days on hand to see all these places.

  1. Dainthlen Waterfalls
  2. Arwah Cave
  3. Nohkalikai Waterfalls
  4. Ram Krishna Mission & Museum
  5. Cherrapunjee Market (on a market day)
  6. Don Bosco Shrine
  7. Nongsawlia Church
  8. David Scott Memorial
  9. Eco Park
  10. Mawsmai Cave
  11. Nohsngithiang Waterfalls (Seven Sisters Falls)
  12. Thangkharang Park & Kynrem Falls
  13. Khoh Ramhah/Pillar Rock
  14. Garden of Caves, Laitmawsiang
  15. Double Decker Root Bridge & Rainbow Falls, Nongriat
  16. Living Root Bridge, Laitkynsew (Umunoi)
  17. Living Root Bridge, Umkar, Siej
  18. Wei Sawdong
  19. Lyngksiar Falls
  20. Wahrew Bridge over River Tharia, Boating, Camping